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KiddoStamp™ - Dragon Name Stamp (Black Ink)

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Don't just take our word for it....

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Lost track of your children's clothes?

We know that keeping track of your child's clothes is a difficult task and it takes time and effort to keep them in order and prevent them from losing them.

Or what about school supplies? Books, notebooks, folders and more - how many times have you had your child lose a book because they swapped it with a classmate or forgot it at school?

Label your child's clothes and belongings with their name and never lose them again!

Imagine a solution that can solve each of the problems mentioned above once and for all!

Meet KiddoStamp™ - Dragon Name Stamp (Black Ink) that will make it easier for you to distinguish your family members' clothes after you wash them! It will also help you prevent your child from losing school supplies.

Save time and money!

Available in 4 unique and cute shapes (owl, cat, panda and dog), the stamps will entice your child to print their name on all their clothes and things.

Save time

Whether it's clothes, school supplies or anything else that needs to be organized, you can stamp your name in less than a second. Simply place the stamp where you want it, press and you're done!

Save money

No more wasting money trying to figure out which marker is best for stamping clothes and which one won't fade. The KiddoStamp™ is made for just that!


Tired of using classic markers that fade when you wash your clothes? KiddoStamp™ can be used to stamp anything up to a thousand times. Don't worry about washing, the ink lasts up to 50 washes!


No more environmentally harmful plastic! KiddoStamp™ is reusable and you can refill the ink at any time. So you can make your small contribution to environmental protection and save money at the same time.

Withstands up to 50 washes without fading

That's right! Say goodbye to classic markers that fade with every wash and stain the garment!

KiddoStamp™ has an ink that is waterproof. This means you don't have to worry about throwing your stamped garments in the washing machine because the ink won't fade.

The KiddoStamp™ is 5 steps ahead of any other stamp



Withstands up to 50 washes

Fades when washed

Lasting result

Precise stamp

Cute stamp design

Our goal and our guarantee

Our aim is to offer a product that makes it easier to recognize clothes and other everyday objects and at the same time offers a beautiful, high-quality design that children will love... and parents too!

What's included?

  • 1x KiddoStamp™ - Customizable name stamp for children
  • 20in of white tape (for printing on black clothes)
  • 30-day money back guarantee

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